Access registered funds (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)

One structure = unlimited number of projects

It’s a revolutionary business structure to assist in raising  investment capital and provides secure, dependable tax savings for both investors and developers. Axiom provides a turnkey solution.

Our MFT allows real estate developers and other business owners to raise capital for multiple projects using only one MFT structure while isolating one project from another.  It is like owning a separate MFT for each project.


Do you need to raise bridge capital to help close new projects before seeking longer-term capital?  Or do you want to offer some investors a debt offering while offering others ownership? Or do you want to offer a hybrid return of lower interest plus a portion of the profits from the project sale? 

All these are easily handled by Axiom’s MFT.


MFTs allow investors to use their registered funds like RRSPs and TFSAs.  Why is this attractive?  Every year Canadians contribute over $50 billion into their RRSPs alone while the total value of TFSAs is close to $300 billion (source:  Statscan – 2020), so if you are raising private capital, you need to be able to accept registered funds.   Investors want to us their registered funds because many times, this is their only source of investment capital and when they receive income from their registered investments, they are either tax deferred (RRSP) or tax free (TFSA).


MFTs are one of the most tax-efficient structures available, which means that cash (non-registered) investors still benefit from the flow-through nature of the MFT.  For example, capital gains (low tax rate) are passed from the project through the MFT to the cash investor as capital gains.

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to use an MFT to raise capital?